Wednesday, 28 August 2013


The motivation for carrying out this opinion poll is to provide readers with an unbiased poll of voters’ choices as regards the 2012 Ondo State Gubernatorial Elections. This is a common practice in more advanced democracies and is an important process to imbibe in Nigerian politics. Debates were not common place in Nigeria several years ago, but they are fast becoming the norm. In much the same way opinion polls should be encouraged in the country in order to help deepen our democratic experience. This document summarises the responses obtained by registered voters who participated in the opinion poll.  

It is important to state that the opinion poll was unbiased and not conducted in favour of any candidate or party. The cost of carrying out the poll was wholly funded by ElectionMonitor Online.

There was an attempt to visit as many LGAs as possible but due to proximity to the election and tough terrain in the riverine communities, these LGAs could not be visited.  

It should also be noted that the survey was designed to get responses relating to the three major political parties participating in the elections (i.e. .ACN, LP and PDP). This is because these three parties combined are expected to carry over 90% of the total vote cast and from a statistical point of view, focusing on these three parties will give a very accurate representation.

Please find the link to the full document below: 

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