Monday, 18 April 2016


Since the conclusion of the 2015 General elections, there have been a number of elections conducted in Nigeria at various levels. The major elections held so far are as follows:

  •        2015 Kogi State governorship election
  •        2015 Bayelsa State Governorship Election
  •        2016 FCT Area Council elections
  •    Over eighty re-run elections across various senatorial districts, federal constituencies and state constituencies.

It is quite unfortunate and alarming that the major elections held since April 2015 have been determined inconclusive. It is more disheartening the various reasons being attributed for these inconclusive elections. Some quarters are blaming the inconclusive elections on the competence of the INEC administration while others are pointing fingers at ‘internal saboteurs’ within INEC. Some are even saying that an incompletely constituted INEC cannot deliver conclusive elections. However is there any empirical basis for these assertions? This article hopes to take a look at the real reasons behind inconclusive elections in recently conducted elections in Nigeria. However this article does not seek to exonerate INEC from its own lapses but seeks primarily to understand the root causes of inconclusive elections in Nigeria today and why they seem to be happening all of a sudden. 

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