Monday, 28 August 2017



When the current generation registers to vote and keeps voting, a voting culture is built and entrenched in the country. Voting becomes a way of life for everyone. Whoever is born into such a country grows knowing that voting is key and expected of every eligible citizen. That way democracy is entrenched in the populace from a young age and your voting today guarantees Nigeria will remain democratic tomorrow. There are countries where as soon as a person turns 18 years he or she goes to get a voter’s card in order to vote in the next election. In such places young adults will state that their parents have been telling them about candidates, elections and voting since they were children. This builds up anticipation in the younger generation who will naturally want to get involved once they attain the eligible age.

Nigeria has had so many years of military rule and not too democratic civilian rule such that many young Nigerians have grown up with a negative perception of the electoral process as opposed to an eagerness and excitement. In this way the voting culture in Nigeria has been seriously damaged and needs to urgently be rebuilt. It is only when the current generation is very active electorally that the unborn generations will come into a country strong on democratic practices. This is one of the greatest legacies we can leave for the future generations.

John Adams the second US President said that "You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it." This is very instructive clearly saying that a lot has been paid for the democracy his country men and women are enjoying today. For them to make good use of it is to vote and get involved electorally to maximise the sacrifices of the past. In the same vein when you go out and vote you are not only addressing current issues in the country but you are helping to set the stage for the future which is key for our country to experience effective socio-economic development. It is not possible to build a great and enduring economy when the democracy is unstable. So if we want to create a greater country every citizen must get involved and ensure that we protect our democracy and deepen it to a point where the citizens will experience the dividends of democracy we all desire.

Building an increasingly active voting population is key. Candidates for public office will know before they ever contest that only the votes of the people can get them elected. The ripple effect from this is the improvement of the quality and competency of candidates. Better candidates means better leaders; better leaders means a better governed country; a better governed country means better living conditions; better living conditions means a happier populace!

Otis Moss JJJ said that "Not voting is one of the worst things that could happen in our community. You can vote for whoever you want to, but choosing not to vote spits in the face of our ancestors who fought for our right to vote." Many Nigerians died fighting the different military governments since Independence. These people sacrificed their lives so we could have the right to vote as we do today. It would be unfair and unconscionable for the current generation not to make the efforts necessary to ensure that future generations enjoy more and have greater freedoms than are available today.

If you want to join Nigerians who want to make a difference by exercising their civic rights, please you need to Register to Vote Today! It’s TIME TO GET REGISTERED! INEC has made it very easy for you to GET REGISTERED! You can walk into any voter registration centre, on any week day (except public holidays) between 9am and 3pm and GET REGISTERED (find out more and get the app at Just fix one day before the end of this year to get this done. Just a day! Arrive early and you’ll be registered in no time! It’s not just about today but the future! Leave a good legacy for your children!


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